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Burke Law Offices, LLC
155 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 9020
Chicago, IL 60601
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Lenders, debt collectors and employers that we deal with in our everyday life are programmed to take every advantage they possibly can to promote profitability and efficiency. Certainly we cannot fault these natural tendencies. Unfortunately, however, greed and sloppiness take over and these efforts come illegally and improperly at the expense of the people who they need most: their customers and employees. 

That is where Burke Law Offices, LLC steps in. We are dedicated to asserting and vindicating consumers’ and employees’ rights. Even the smallest fraud, when perpetrated many times, represents big profits at a large societal cost.

Excellence. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do. Our clients can stand tall knowing that Burke Law Offices, LLC represents their interests.

Compassion. There is a reason lawyers are known also as "counselors." At Burke Law Offices, LLC, we are sensitive to the fact that the wrongs for which we seek redress have often had profound effects on our clients' lives. 

Results. We strive to obtain the very best results possible for our clients. 

If you believe that a lender has improperly refused to take items off of your credit report, a debt collector has improperly harassed you or if you have not been paid for all the hours you work, please call for a free consultation. 

Give Burke Law Offices, LLC the opportunity to help you.


For information concerning the Fike v. The Bureaus, Inc., 09 C 2558, settlement, please call 312-725-2699.